The Opposition People’s National Party is questioning the Holness administration’s commitment to reforming the process by which public boards are appointed in the country.

The questions come following news on Tuesday morning that the Transport and Mining Minister, Robert Montague, has dissolved the Board of the Clarendon Alumina Production Company, CAP, amid a deepening scandal.

This is the third board that Minister Montaque has had to dissolve in as many weeks amid growing public scrutiny and controversy.

Wayne Walker has that story.

The transport and mining minister dissolved the CAP board amid mounting concerns about a controversial contract with CCA Capital Partners.

Dennis Wright and Michael Schloss were members of that board.

The development is raising questions as to whether the individuals should retain their other posts in the transport and mining ministry.

Both men currently serve on the Board of the Railway Corporation Enterprise Team. Another agency under the Robert Montaque led Ministry.

Opposition Spokesman on Mining, Phillip Paulwell, is questioning the government’s commitment to reforming the process by which the boards are appointed.

Minister Montague appointed Wright and Schloss to the boards in September 2020. Days after the Labour Party won the General Elections.

Dennis Wright was also appointed one of three paid advisors to Minister Montague.

He currently retains that post.

His appointment came three years after the Dennis Wright chaired board of the Firearms Licensing Authority, FLA, was dissolved in 2017 amid public controversy.

Robert Montague was Minister of National Security at the time.

Mr. Paulwell says the principles which should guide the reform of the appointment process are not being followed.

The Opposition Spokesman says he will be posing further questions to the minister.