PNP Treasurer, Norman Horne, is warning senior members of the party that he’ll not allow miscreants to convince him to support their wrongdoing.

Mr. Horne says if warranted, he intends to have persons implicated in the scandal face the party’s disciplinary committee.

The PNP Treasurer made his declaration today as he fired back at criticism from a party Vice President, Noel Arscott.

Noel Arscott is quoted in the print media today as saying he cannot believe the contents of Norman Horne’s report submitted to the PNP’s National Executive Council, the NEC.

That report says some former Cabinet Ministers have not turned over or accounted for significant sums they collected on the PNP’s behalf.

Arscott says Horne should not have included the allegations in his written report.

Mr. Arscott also suggested that the PNP Treasurer should instead have verbalized his concerns to the party executive. He accused Mr. Horne of designing his report to create mischief.

Norman Horne is not amused by the attack on him.

He told our news center today that he stands by his claims.

He says he’ll be making a formal report to the PNP officer corps about the senior members who’ve not accounted for significant sums they collected on the party’s behalf.

Mr. Horne says he plans to register the strongest possible objection to the conduct of these senior PNP members.

Horne says if necessary he will ask that those culpable be disciplined.

According to the PNP Treasurer after reading the media report of Noel Arscott’s comments he concludes that the public will be Arscott’s judge.

Mr. Horne says he has always stood for transparency and will continue to do so.
He says under no circumstances will he give support to those he described as miscreants.

He says he has no further comment on his report until after the next meeting of the party’s NEC.

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