Peoples’ National Party (PNP) General Secretary, Paul Burke, says his party will not bow to protest action by comrades in East Portland who are angry at its decision to retain incumbent Member of Parliament, Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield, as its candidate for the next General Election.

Dr. Bloomfield was defeated by attorney Andrea Moore in an internal voting process a few weeks ago.

But on the weekend the PNP hierarchy ruled that Dr. Bloomfield will be given the go-ahead to remain as the candidate for East Portland.

Comrades, who are angry at the decision, protested in the constituency earlier this week.

Mr. Burke says the party will stick to its decision and keep Dr. Bloomfield as its standard bearer in the constituency.

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The PNP General Secretary is cautioning comrades who choose to protest in response to decisions made by the party leadership.

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Mr. Burke concedes that comrades in the constituency were not sufficiently educated on how provisional constituencies select their candidates.

He says delegates should not feel as if their decision did not count.

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