Businessman, Evon Redman, is distancing his campaign team from the burning of the office of Member of Parliament in Raymond Pryce’s North East St. Elizabeth constituency.

Mr. Redman’s challenge recently resulted in Pryce being forced out as the PNP’s candidate for the next election.

Reports from the Police are that at around 2:00am, fire gutted the building which is located at at 37 Coke Drive in Santa Cruz.

Mr. Redman is calling on law enforcement to carry out a swift investigation.

He says anyone who may have carried out what’s suspected to be an act of arson should be brought to justice.

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This afternoon, Senior Deputy Superintendent of the Santa Cruz Fire Station, Conroy Ghans, told our news center that the fire department suspects the blaze was intentionally set.

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Redman is slated to take control of the North East St. Elizabeth MP office should he win the PNP stronghold in the next election.

He’s distancing his campaign team from what’s suspected to be criminality.

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Mr. Redman says he’s been making efforts to unify the constituency after recent tensions between his supporters and those of Raymond Pryce.

He says those efforts to unify the constituency will be intensified.

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Meanwhile PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, says the party is awaiting word from the Police and the Fire Department before it issues a formal response to the burning of the North East St. Elizabeth MP office.

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Supporters of Pryce and Redman are reportedly accusing each other of causing the blaze.

Paul Burke says he will not speculate.

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