The Head of the National Parent Teachers’ Association, Stewart Jacobs, is calling for a radical adjustment in the education sector to address the current shortage in the job market.

According Mr Jacobs, that adjustment must begin at the Primary level and be carried through to the Tertiary level.

Mr Jacobs noted that at the moment, many school leavers are going after what he termed traditional jobs and this has caused an over supply in certain areas while at the same time leaving a deficit in others.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness recently bemoaned the concern of school leavers not being equipped with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the job market.

He was speaking during a tour of the Kingston Technical High School.

Mr Jacobs is however laying the blame for a shortage of labour in the job market squarely at the feet of the current and past administrations.

For him, the current reality was inevitable but was not addressed.

Mr Jacobs believes that it is obvious that a labour shortage would occur given the subjects that are consistently selected by students.

President of the National Parent Teachers’ Association Mr Stewart Jacobs.