The National Works Agency, NWA, says starting tomorrow, new traffic restrictions are to be put in place along sections of Constant Spring Road.

It says beginning on Friday night at 10, motorists wishing to travel from the direction of Dunrobin Avenue towards West Kings House Road will be re-routed.

The north-bound lanes that take traffic from the direction of Eastwood Park Road towards Dunrobin Avenue will accommodate vehicles heading towards Half Way Tree.

The change is to remain in effect until 4:00 Monday morning.

The changes are part of the NWA’s thrust to wrap up significant aspects of the works along Constant Spring Road, before the start of the new school year in September.

The NWA says the work to be done include the removal of the present surface, base strengthening and the repaving of the corridor.

These activities are slated to take place over two weekends.

The NWA is urging motorists to, where possible, use other routes during the duration of the planned works.