Three years after Turshura Parker was reported missing from a children’s home in Kingston, relatives located her via social media.

Parker was 14 at the time. She’s now a mother of one and is expecting another.

Her father, Romeo Parker, says while he’s happy she’s alive neither himself nor the authorities have seen his daughter in person since.

Yet, the Ananda Alert Secretariat has Tushura listed as being found.

Efforts to get an update from the police on  their investigations into her disappearance were unsuccessful.

Every time a child’s reported missing a family and others worry and fear the worst.

Resources are spent in some instances trying to locate him or her.

Recently the Ananda Alert Secretariat released the names of scores of children who were reported missing and have since been found. 

It lauded the collaborative effort of several state institutions including the Constabulary for finding the children.

One name stood out on the list of the missing and found children.
It’s Turshura Parker.

She was reported missing in March 2016. Three and a half years ago.

She’s now 18 years old. The report said “she’s reconnected with family in July 2019 and is said to be in good health”.

But efforts to get further details from the National Investigation’s Bureau were unsuccessful.

After several roadblocks Nationwide News contacted Turshura’s father.

He’s Romeo Parker.

Mr Parker says he contacted the Child Protection and Family Services Agency and advised them he’s made contact with his daughter.

But, he says to date neither himself nor the authorities have laid eyes on Turshura in person.

He recalls his first phone conversation with Turshura after 3 years.

Mr Parker says he understands she and five other girls ran away from the girls home in 2016.

While it’s unclear what the police accomplished in their quest to find Tushura, Mr Parker says he’s learnt she’s being cared for by her spouse.

He says her spouse is 21.

Meanwhile, Founder of Hear the Children’s Cry, Betty Ann-Blaine, says they’ve been following Tushura’s case but lost track of her till recently.

She says children go missing for weeks or months on average.

But Turshura’s case is not uncommon.

Miss Blaine says one of the challenges is that the police are unable to carry out many of the missing children investigations.

She says many missing children return home voluntarily and not with the help of the state.

Betty Ann Blaine, Founder of Hear the Children’s Cry.