The National Works Agency, NWA, says its appealing to motorists to desist from removing barriers and using roadways that are still under construction.

Communication and Customer Services Manager, Stephen Shaw, says drivers are attempting to access roads that are not complete.

Mr. Shaw warned that road users who do so, run the risk of serious injury or even death along roadways that are not ready for public use.

He referenced a recent case in St. Thomas, where this activity resulted in loss of life.
He pointed out that the new highway from Harbour View to Yallahs is not yet open to the public and is only accessible to authorized vehicles.

Mr. Shaw further stated that this is an issue that the NWA has expressed concerns about in the past, where persons use equipment such as front end loaders, to remove the heavy barriers to gain access.

He pointed to a recent situation in Hanover on the Woodsville Bridge, which was closed for about a year.

He said physical impediments were placed there, loads of material were dumped yet persons removed the material and were using the bridge which later collapsed.

Mr Shaw also recalled that in Portland, the Dry River Bridge collapsed under the weight of a loaded truck.

He says when the NWA gives notices and puts up signs, they want persons to obey these, because they do not want to lose anyone because of their own irresponsible behaviour.