The National Water Commission’s, “pay for it or lose it” disconnection drive is now in full swing.

Corporate Public Relations Manager for the NWC, Andrew Canon, says the company has carried out operations in several parishes last week.

He says the company is making good on its warning, as it has started enforcing a massive and widespread disconnection drive to collect outstanding payments from customers who have arrears with the utility company.

Mr. Canon says having facilitated write-off arrangements earlier this year with fewer than ten thousand customers taking up these offers, the NWC is now declaring that it will not be business as usual, going forward.

Customers with outstanding balances are being encouraged to pay up in full to avoid being without water supply during the holiday season.

Mr. Canon says disconnections will also continue this week in several communities.

Andrew Canon, Corporate Public Relations Manager.

Meanwhile, the NWC is reminding customers that non-payment of their bills could affect their credit ratings.

As of December 1, 2020, the company is empowered by law to provide credit information on its customers if such information is requested by business entities.