The National Workers Union NWU, is calling for the implementation of permanent work from home orders, to reduce the spike in Covid-19 cases.

NWU General Secretary Granville Valentine says drastic measures must be taken to aid in alleviating the spread.

Mr. Valentine says business owners should also play their part  by adapting  to the new norm.

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The country has recorded consistent numbers of upwards of 250 cases on average for the past three weeks.

That has led to several persons on social media calling for a revision of  the work from home orders to help control the spread.

Mr. Valentine says the time has come for policy makers to put in place a permanent work from home order.

Mr. Valentine says several countries have adapted to the new normal, and he believes Jamaica should not be left behind.

Though the NWU General Secretary is calling for businesses to implement work from home protocols, he says the NWU  understands why several entities have overlooked the concept.

Mr. Valentine says work from home should not be difficult to implement, as  private and public sector bodies were more strident with work from home orders during the initial outbreak of the pandemic.

He explains that business owners should not relax the enforcement of Covid-19 safety protocols.