The Medical Association of Jamaica,  MAJ, says the government may soon have to consider a lock down of the country as a possible response to the rapidly deteriorating Covid-19 crisis. 

As the numbers continue to  surge and with health facilities coming under increased pressure and strain, the island’s senior doctors are warning the government that the health sector has now reached breaking point.  

Ricardo Brooks reports.



That’s the number of new Covid-19 cases recorded in Jamaica over the last week. 

The rising cases, coupled with hospitals across the island reporting that they have reached their Covid capacity, has prompted President of the Medical Association of Jamaica, Dr. Andrew Manning, to throw his support behind a work from home order.

But the senior doctor is going further. He wants the government to begin to consider putting the country on lock down.

Dr. Manning says the government has to begin to weigh more seriously the toll the pandemic is taking on the health sector. 

He says the doctors are looking forward to the roll out of the vaccination programme as an urgent response to the continued rise in positive cases.

It’s being reported that the Cornwall Regional Hospital, Mandeville Regional Hospital and the University Hospital of the West Indies have reached their Covid capacity. 

Dr. Manning is warning that these hospitals may also soon have no space on their other wards to accommodate Covid patients.

The doctors will be looking to today’s Cabinet meeting for any further guidance and assurance from the Holness administration.