Former PNP President, Portia Simpson-Miller says persons should stop using her image for gain in the internal PNP presidential election campaign.

Mrs Simpson Miller says person have ignored her request to not have her name and image used in support of any candidate.

In a statement released today on Facebook, Mrs Simpson Miller said it was being done without her permission.

The former PNP President says she’s asking the General Secretary of the party to urgently attend to her concern.

Last month, Mrs. Simpson Miller released a statement on Facebook that she would not take a side.

The former PNP President stated that she was reacting to images of her being circulated on social media.

According to Mrs. Simpson Miller the images gave the impression that she had taken a side.

The statements were made, after Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting made the announcement of his intent to challenge PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips for the leadership of the party.