Both Dr. Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting were this morning formally nominated to contest for the Presidency of the PNP on September 7.

Both candidates completed the nomination process by submitting the $100-thousand nomination fee.

Mr. Bunting arrived first at approximately 9:40 this morning at the PNP Headquarters on Old Hope Road to be nominated.

He was accompanied by several PNP stalwarts including Robert Pickersgill, Luther Buchanan, Ian Hayles, and Dr. Dayton Campbell.

Dr. Phillips was also accompanied by several party stalwarts including Vice Presidents of the Party, Damion Crawford, and Dr. Wykeham McNeil.

A large crowd followed Bunting and Phillips to the party Headquarters where they were nominated.

The race is to determine who will lead the PNP into the next General Election.

PNP Member of Parliament for St. Andrew South Angella Brown Burke was among the 12 financial members of the party who nominated Mr. Bunting.

Mrs. Brown Burke’s support for Bunting follows weeks of speculation about who she would give the nod.

The PNP MP had recently said she’d indicate her support after finishing consultations with her constituency leaders and delegates.

Campaign Manager for Bunting, Dr. Dayton Campbell this morning indicated that Brown Burke was among those who nominated Bunting.

Dr. Dayton Campbell, Campaign Manager for Presidential Aspirant Peter Bunting.