Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says there’s been one COVID-19  related death among residents in the Cornwall Courts community of St James. 

The community is one of two currently under special curfew and quarantine measures following an outbreak of the coronavirus. 

The other community’s Rae Town in Kingston.

The Health Minister says Rae Town’s been showing encouraging signs. 

He toured sections of the community this week. 

Dr. Tufton says the Ministry’s now in a position to recommend the lifting of the special quarantine measure in the community.

Meanwhile, Dr Tufton says there are now two active cases of COVID-19 among inmates in the local prison population.

Dr. Tufton also says there’s been no change in relation to a cluster of COVID-19 cases at the Missionaries of the Poor facility.

Meanwhile, Minister Tufton says as at November 3, four persons have died from COVID-19 in St Thomas. 

There are 4 active cases of the virus in the eastern parish.

Dr. Christopher Tufton, Health and Wellness Minister.

He says early and persistent intervention has helped to stem the spread  of COVID-19 in St. Thomas. 

In the meantime, Medical Officer of Health for St Thomas, Dr. D’Oyen Smith, says the public health team in the parish worked consistently to reduce the spread of the virus.

St. Thomas recorded an outbreak of COVID-19 back in March this year. 

Dr. Smith says despite sections of the parish being placed under quarantine there were challenges.


Dr. Smith’s urging other communities now under quarantine to comply with the COVID-19 safety regulations.

Dr. D’Oyen Smith, Medical Officer of Health for St Thomas. 

They were speaking last evening during a COVID 19 virtual media briefing.