Both the ONEPNP and the Rise United camps are expressing confidence in a victory at tomorrow’s People’s National Party presidential elections.

Central Manchester Member of Parliament, Peter Bunting, is seeking to topple Dr. Peter Phillips who’s incumbent president for the 81-year old organization.

Director of Dr. Phillips’ ONEPNP campaign, KD Knight, says unlike many politicians, the incumbent PNP leader is a proven performer.

He says that’s why he’s confident Dr. Phillips will win tomorrow.

He says Dr Phillips is also the better man to re-unite the party, following this heated internal election campaign.

KD Knight, Director of ONEPNP campaign, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

Meanwhile, Manager for Peter Bunting’s Rise United campaign, Dr Dayton Campbell, says his team will execute the final strategies for victory.

He says he’s confident that the people have bought the Rise United campaign message.

He also had this message for the delegates.

Dr. Dayton Campbell, Rise United Campaign Manager, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.