The Police are moving to interview West Hanover MP, Ian Hayles, following receipt of information that a PNP internal feud in the parish is escalating and associates of gangsters who killed a PNP activist this week are intent on killing Hayles.

The development comes following the killing of 53-year-old PNP activist, Delroy Clarke.

Clarke is from Malcolm Heights in Hanover.

Abka Fitz-Henley reports.

Clarke, who’s otherwise known as Jubby, was cut down by gunmen on Tuesday morning.

The bullet riddled body of the PNP activist was found in a gully in Malcolm Heights.

Two suspects have been jailed in connection with the murder.Both are to be questioned by the Police later this week.

Another gunman who it’s believed participated in the crime is at large.

Head of the JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, Assistant Superintendent Dahlia Garrick says the Police are taking a thorough approach to the investigation.

Clarke had reportedly intervened on the weekend in a dispute at a PNP Regional Executive Council, REC, meeting at Mannings High School in Sav-la-Mar, Westmoreland.

Sources say the PNP activist intervened when some comrades confronted Hayles who is supporting Peter Bunting’s Rise United Campaign in the PNP leadership race.

Clarke, who was also supporting Bunting’s campaign, reportedly defended Hayles and unleashed a volley of expletives in the direction of another PNP politician who’s supporting Dr. Peter Phillips’s bid to hold on to the party presidency.

It’s understood that for some time there’s been rising tension between Hayles and the PNP politician who Clarke had lashed out at during the REC.

ASP Garrick says among the leads being pursued by the Police is whether the murder of Mr. Clarke may be connected to the political feud.

Law enforcement sources tell our news centre that Hayles is to be interviewed by the Police because intelligence suggests he may be the next target of associates of the gangsters who murdered Clarke.

We asked ASP Garrick about that information.

Efforts to contact Hayles were not successful.