Senate President Tom Tavares-Finson clashed with Opposition Senator Lambert Brown during the Senate debate on Friday, on the Bill to subsume the functions of the Office of the Political Ombudsman into the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, ECJ.

The clash occurred when Senator Brown sought to condemn Thursday’s nomination of JLP candidate Dean Jones in the Trinityville Division in St. Thomas.

Jones was involved in a dispute with a PNP supporter earlier this week.

Government Senator Abka Fitz-Henley told Senator Brown he has no moral authority to speak, as the position of two PNP Councillors, Michael Troupe and Sylvan Reid, was undisturbed, despite them being hit with criminal charges a few years ago.

Senator Brown insisted that the nomination of Dean Jones was wrong.

Senators Tavares-Finson and Brown again clashed when Brown also moved to criticize the nomination of Kim Brown-Lawrence as a JLP candidate in the Browns Town Division in St. Ann.

Mrs. Brown Lawrence currently has a case before the court.

Senator Brown moved to defend himself in response to sotto vocce comments from Senator Fitz-Henley.

Fitz-Henley reminded Brown about the time he was arrested and charged for alleged possession of Molotov cocktail bombs during his time as a member of the radical Workers Party of Jamaica, WPJ.

But Brown insisted he was freed of that criminal charge and was within his right to condemn the nomination of Mrs. Brown-Lawrence.

Lambert Brown and before him, Senate President Tom Tavares Finson