Government and Opposition Senators sparred over the move to subsume the functions of the Office of the Political Ombudsman into the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, ECJ.

The bill was passed in the Upper House on Friday, with legislators voting along party lines after a lengthy debate.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

As in the Lower House, Opposition Senators cried foul over attempts by the Government to abolish the Office of the Political Ombudsman as a stand-alone entity.

Senator Donna Scott-Motley said the government is acting with undue haste.

Senator Scott Mottley says she shares the perspective of government MP Karl Samuda and former JLP Leader and Prime Minister Bruce Golding, who both spoke out against the idea.

But Government Senator, Kavan Gayle was not having it.

He criticized the Opposition for raising objection at such a late stage.

Opposition Senator, Peter Bunting objected to Senator Gayle’s recollection of the deliberations of the committee.

In closing the debate, Government Senator Aubyn Hill said the ECJ is best placed to assume the responsibilities of the Political Ombudsman’s office.

The Bill was passed by a margin of eight to six.