Opposition Spokesperson for Finance & Planning, Julian Robinson, is blasting the National Housing Trust, NHT, for what he says is a failure to fulfil its mandate of providing affordable houses for the majority of contributors.

He made the criticism given the costs for apartments at the NHT’s controversial Ruthven Road development.

A 1-bedroom apartment at Ruthven was first projected to cost 16-million dollars, but increased to 27- million dollars, while a 2-bedroom unit moved from 22-million to 37 million dollars.

Robinson voiced his opposition to the increase.

Opposition MP, Julian Robinson.

Robinson is also criticizing the NHT for not being a primary mortgage-provider for citizens.

He warns that private institutions will carry out the main functions of the NHT.

Julian Robinson, Opposition Spokesperson for Finance & Planning.

He was speaking at a PNP Division Conference at the weekend.