Hykel Nunes reports

Opposition Spokesperson on Health Dr. Morais Guy is calling on the government to implement mobile vaccination to increase the country’s inoculation rate.

According to Dr. Guy, the country’s low inoculation rate is alarming, therefore he says the government needs a new strategy.

He agrees with Chairman of the National Health Fund NHF, Howard Mitchell that the government has blundered with some aspects of the distribution of vaccines.

Dr. Guy is urging the government to consider using mobile vaccination to increase the country’s inoculation rate.

On Monday the NHF urged the government to improve its distribution of all brands of the Covid-19 vaccines amid a surge in cases.

Dr. Guy says it’s time for a new strategy.

Dr. Guy agrees with the NHF Chairman that the government should address the logistics of distributing the vaccine.

He added that the government should be more receptive to suggestions from the Opposition.

The Opposition Spokesman on Health explained that the government should also revisit the structure of vaccination Blitz.

He says the country will not attain herd immunity if the government does not change its approach towards vaccination in the coming months.

On Wednesday, Dr. Guy urged Prime Minister Andrew Holness to call off his COVID-19 vaccination mobilization tour, saying the initiative is ill-advised.