Some parents of students at Ardenne High School in St. Andrew are complaining that their children who are due to graduate this Sunday have been told they’ll not do so because their Parents Teachers Association fees are outstanding.

The annual PTA fee is 5-thousand dollars.

Ardenne, which is one of the country’s best performing high schools, has a very active PTA.

It’s understood that the fee is used for several purposes. Among them to insure students while at the school…provide incentives and development training for staff and a free breakfast programme for students.

When contacted this afternoon for a comment, Ardenne’s Principal, Nadine Molloy, referred our news centre to the PTA.

Efforts to contact the PTA were unsuccessful.

Reacting to the complaints, Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites, says he’s not in support of the decision to bar students from graduating because of outstanding fees.

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