More than $2-billion.

That’s the estimated cost of the National Works Agency to reopen roads and clearing drains following rains which started since March.

The NWA says the estimate relates to four separate flood rain events between March 18 and May 10 this year.

Of this cost, the NWA says it’s already spent approximately $936-million on completed and ongoing works to clear critical and main roadways.

It says this sum is currently owed and must be addressed by the government.

And, just under $1.2-billion is still required to complete the clearing of affected corridors and drains.

According to the NWA, approximately one hundred roads islandwide were severely affected by landslides, mudflows, downed trees and washed out bridges which left some communities inaccessible by foot.

The NWA says six bridges were washed away or severely damaged in St. Mary and Clarendon.

It says preliminary estimates indicate that Clarendon and St Catherine were the most severely affected.