Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn, says her office remains objective when handling high profile cases.

Last week, it emerged that her office said there was no evidence that South East St Ann Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna departed from established procurement procedures in relation to several contracts issued by the St. Ann Municipal Corporation.

The ODPP added that a prosecutor could not prove either willful misconduct or abuse of public trust.

Ms. Llewellyn says her office takes extra care when dealing with high profile cases, such as the one involving Ms. Hanna.

Paula Llewelyn, Director of Public Prosecutions. She was speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

Meanwhile, Ms. Llewellyn says she has no comment on calls for her tenure as Director of Public Prosecutions not to be extended.

Ms. Llewellyn will reach the retirement age of 60 in September, after serving in the role for the past twelve years.

However, there’ve been reports that she’s interested in remaining in the job. PNP Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, has reportedly written a strongly worded letter to Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, opposing an extension of her tenure.

The letter reportedly cited her office’s deficiencies in prosecuting corruption cases.
Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, Ms. Llewellyn said she had no comment.

Paula Llewellyn, Director of Public Prosecutions.

She was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Abka Fitz Henley and Kalilah Reynolds.