A nine year old boy is in hospital after he was shot by the licensed firearm of a Police officer.

The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, says the boy was at home when he gained access to the service weapon belonging to his uncle who’s a policeman.

INDECOM is investigating the incident which happened in Kingston 11 on Saturday, July 4 but allegedly reported to the oversight body on Sunday, July 5.

Hamish Campbell is Assistant Commissioner of INDECOM.

Hamish Campbell, Assistant Commissioner of INDECOM, speaking with Nationwide News yesterday.

INDECOM is also reminding members of the security forces that they are required to make a report to the Commission forthwith, where incidents involve conduct that result in the death or injury to any person.

It says INDECOM’s enquiry will seek to determine the reason for the late notification to the Commission regarding the incident.

The oversight body says its probe will also examine the issues of weapon handling and safekeeping as well as all actions taken which resulted in the injury to the child.

It’s also appealing to persons who may have witnessed the incident to contact its offices and provide information.