Peter Mark Chin has resigned from the position of Deputy Executive Chairman and Managing Director for LASCO Distributors.

The LASCO Affiliated Companies made the announcement in a statement this morning.

The resignation took effect April 30.

Mr. Chin is now reportedly pursuing other interests.

The company notes that he’s given the company 27 years of sterling service, and has risen through the ranks in various senior capacities, including General Manager, Marketing Manager and Logistics Manager.

Peter Chin was appointed as Managing Director of LASCO Distributors in 2011, a year after the company was listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

He was appointed Deputy Executive Chairman in April 2016.

During his tenure as Managing Director at LASCO Distributors, the company says he oversaw the launch of leading brands such as iCool, and also strong growth in revenues and profit.

The last audited financial statements for the period ending March 31, 2018 for LASCO Distributors reported a record net profit of over 1 billion dollars, and revenues of over 16 billion dollars.

Mr. Chin says he’s confident in the leadership, structure and staff of the LASCO Affiliated Companies, and anticipates that they will continue to be aggressive in rolling out new innovations, expanding the businesses and ensuring profitability for shareholders.