PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, says the spectre of money-based politics is creeping into the party.

His comment comes after the Chairman of his One PNP Campaign called on the party’s Election Monitoring Committee to investigate the announcement of a $10 million endowment fund by the rival Rise United camp.

Dr. Phillips says the introduction of this kind of politics into the 81- year-old PNP will weaken its position.

Chevon Campbell has that story.

-The battle to be the next leader of the PNP is getting more bitter and contentious with three days before delegates make their choice.

While not naming anyone specifically, PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, outlined his dismay at what he describes as the ‘money politics’ that’s creeping into the traditionally socialist party.

The Opposition Leader says his rival Peter Bunting’s campaign is a threat to the values of the PNP.

Speaking at a media briefing this afternoon, Dr. Phillips says more party supporters are coming around to this truth.

Dr. Phillips’ One PNP campaign is decrying a proposed $10 million fund for struggling party workers announced by Rise United Chairman, Mark Golding.

This follows a complaint about the Rise United advertising campaign to promote its Presidential Candidate, Peter Bunting.

A strident Dr. Phillips made it clear that money politics has no place in the PNP.

The incumbent PNP President says the actions of some members are undermining the message of the party.