The Chairman of Peter Phillips’ campaign, KD Knight, says the idea of an endowment fund to help struggling party workers originated with Dr. Phillips.

Mr. Knight is alleging that the Bunting campaign is seeking to dupe the workers of the PNP.

Senator Knight, yesterday called on the PNP Election Monitoring Committee to immediately investigate the $10 million fund.

He says the idea is the brainchild of Dr. Phillips, who’d long spoken aboutaddressing the plight of party workers who’ve fallen on hard times.

However, Senator Knight quipped that the fund being proposed by Rise United is already still born.

KD Knight, Chairman of the One PNP Campaign.

Meantime, Peter Bunting’s campaign team says KD Knight is not speaking the truth when Knight alleged today that the idea of a fund to help struggling comrades was conceptualized by Dr. Phillips.

Bunting’s campaign Manager is Dr. Dayton Campbell.

Dr. Campbell says it’s interesting that the Phillips camp was silent a few months ago when Bunting’s campaign Chairman, Mark Golding, announced the idea of the endowment fund.

Dr. Campbell says the move by Mr. Bunting’s campaign to raise $10 million so far for the endowment fund is important.

He’s rejecting suggestions by the Phillips campaign team that the move is a form of vote buying.

Dr. Dayton Campbell, Peter Bunting’s Campaign Manager and MP for North West St. Ann speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.