North West St Ann Member of Parliament, Dr Dayton Campbell after repeated questioning says he believes a PNP led by Dr Peter Phillips can win the next general elections.

His comments come after Dr Campbell was re-appointed to the shadow cabinet yesterday.

But during the presidential elections last year when Dr Campbell managed Peter Bunting’s campaign in his bid to unseat Dr Phillips,  Dr Campbell criticized the PNP President’s ability to lead the party to victory.

Dr Campbell says his comments were based on poll findings.

He’s confident that following the presidential challenge, the party is in a better position to win.

The North West St Ann MP is confident he’ll be able to stave off a defeat in the pending General Elections.

He had this to say in relation to the former challenge brought on by the JLP’s Ruel Reid.

He says he believes the constituents will continue to support him.

He was speaking last evening on Nationwide@5 with Cliff Hughes and Kemesha Swaby.