Commissioner Anderson says he’s dismissed a significant number of personnel from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the JCF due to corruption.

Commissioner Anderson didn’t specify how many he’s dismissed.

However, he says he’s taken decisive but careful action in a bid to improve theĀ  gains which are being made in a bid to eliminate corruption from the JCF.

Commissioner Anderson says his move to transfer Assistant Commissioner McArthur Sutherland to the JCF’s Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau, IPROB, is intended to hasten the elimination of corruption from the force.

Commissioner Anderson says while unfortunate in one regard, the recent arrest of Police personnel on suspicion of participating in gang activity, may be seen as a positive.

Commissioner Anderson says progress is being made in having the JCF use resources allocated in a more efficient manner.

Commissioner Anderson says it’s important that Police personnel understand that it’s vital to care for resources allocated to them.

Major General Antony Anderson, Police Commissioner.