Opposition Leader and PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, is calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to immediately instruct the leadership of the Caribbean Maritime University, CMU, to hand over all requested documents to the Police.

In a statement this afternoon, Dr. Phillips said Prime Minister Holness also has a duty to order the CMU to hand over all requested documents to the Financial Investigations Division, FID.

Dr. Phillips says he’s taken note of reports in the print media today which suggest that the CMU is impeding the criminal investigation being undertaken into aspects of its operations and former Education Minister, Ruel Reid.

Phillips says he’s also disturbed by reports that the CMU has hired Attorney, Hugh Wildman, to challenge court orders compelling the institution and some of its senior executives to turn over critical documents to the FID.

Dr. Peter Phillips, PNP President.

But, CMU Attorney, Hugh Wildman, is rejecting suggestions that the CMU is attempting to hide information from the Police.

Mr. Wildman is also denying that CMU is attempting to defy the Police.

Hugh Wildman, lawyer representing the Caribbean Maritime University, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

Mr. Wildman says the issue between the FID and CMU will soon be ventilated before the court.

He says the FID obtained an ex parte order from a magistrate and served it on the University.

But according to Mr. Wildman the order does not comply with the law.

Mr. Wildman says the FID has also failed to observe the procedural steps required by the law when it moved to obtain documents from the University.