Prime Minister Andrew Holness says his administration will be amending the anti-corruption bill to make it mandatory for Prime Ministers, Opposition Leaders and Finance Ministers to publicly declare their assets.

Mr. Holness says the Government also intends to pass the anti-corruption bill this year in order to send a signal to the international community that it’s not business as usual in Jamaica.

During the election when he came under attack from Dr. Peter Phillips and the PNP over his house – Prime Minister Holness committed to make public his finances by the end of March.

But Mr. Holness has not done so. We asked the Prime Minister today why.

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Prime Minister Holness says his administration is mindful of the correlation between corruption and a country’s economic fortunes.

He says passage of the anti-corruption bill this year is being pursued.

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Prime Minister Holness says eliminating red tape is key towards taking away the temptation for persons to engage in acts of corruption.

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And Prime Minister Holness says he does not believe a Jamaican Prime Minister should remain in that office for longer than three terms.

Mr. Holness says the Government is committed to its push to implement term limits.

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness speaking this afternoon with Nationwide’s Abka Fitz-Henley.

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