Prime Minister Andrew Holness is calling on the church to partner with the Government to create an environment for prosperity in Jamaica.

Mr. Holness was speaking at the 40th anniversary ceremony of the Deliverance Evangelistic Association, held at the church’s Waltham Park Road location in Kingston on Sunday.

He says the church has had and continues to have a significant role to play in achieving general well-being among the population.

The Prime Minister says that given the track record of faith-based institutions in administering outreach programmes and impacting communities, a partnership to pursue such an agenda would be extremely effective.

He notes that a critical pillar of partnership he wants to pursue with the church, is the establishment of more parks and recreational areas where children can play.

He says this would assist in the development of their social and mental skills, as well as cater to their physical agility.

The Prime Minister says that allowing children to interact with each other and resolve their disputes in a supervised environment such as a playground is one of the most effective ways to address crime.

Prime Minister Holness lauded the outreach efforts of the church and the support provided for the family as a strong pillar of society.