The Government will not be interfering with independent investigative bodies.

That’s the word from the Andrew Holness administration following an ultimatum from Opposition leader, Dr Peter Phillips at a media conference yesterday.

Dr. Peter Phillips said should the government fail to provide a status report on ongoing corruption investigations within 30-days the Opposition would consider taking action – including protests.

But, in a statement last evening on Twitter, the Office of the Prime Minister, OPM, said it found the Opposition’s call troubling.

The statement was signed by acting Prime Minister, Dr Horace Chang, who accused the Opposition Leader of attacking the independent bodies for political gain.

He says Dr Phillips’ call shows a lack of understanding of the current anti-corruption framework and the modern tenets of good governance which requires politicians to not interfere with independent investigations.

He also sought to remind the Opposition Leader that the bodies currently carrying out their statutory duties to investigate are independent and should be insulated from political interference.

Dr Chang says the government will not interfere with any of the investigations or support the call by the Opposition Leader to “undermine the credibility and authority of the independent bodies”.

The acting Prime Minister says JLP administrations have over the years done more to stem corruption.

Dr Chang says the Holness administration believes in the rule of law and is a champion in the anti-corruption fight.

Dr Chang notes that the New Integrity Act will seek to strengthen the Integrity Commission’s independence and prevent any political influence or interference.