Prime Minister Holness says he’s standing by his comment that Dr. Phillips had agreed with the suggestion to extend by 50 years the amount of time during which Cabinet documents are kept secret.

The Office of the Prime Minister issued a terse statement on the issue just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon.

The OPM says in light of recent comments made by the Opposition Leader via a media release on October 5, 2019, Prime Minister Holness stands by his statements regarding his briefing of the Leader of the Opposition.

According to the OPM, the Prime Minister is also standing by the response Mr Holness said he received from the Opposition Leader in relation to what it described as a briefing on the order to extend the period of nondisclosure of Cabinet Minutes.

In the meantime, Human Rights Advocate, Susan Goffe, is describing as unfortunate the row between the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader spawned by the proposed 50-year extension of the secrecy clause relating to Cabinet documents.

She’s urging Jamaicans to exercise continued vigilance in light of the recent push to extend the law from 20 to 70 years before Cabinet documents can be made public.

Meanwhile, Political Analyst Kevin O’Brien Chang says he believes both political leaders are colluding to protect each other.

Mr. O’Brien Chang is also suggesting the trust deficit between politicians and members of the public is widening.