Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller has called for the police to go back to the bargaining table to settle their industrial differences.

In a statement posted on her social media account this morning, the Prime Minister said the government has been consistently, openly and honestly communicating the economic challenges facing the nation.

Mrs. Simpson-Miller said unlike previous Governments, her administration has been consultative, taking public sector workers into its confidence at every step of the way.

She says public sector workers are represented in the Partnership for Jamaica, where all stakeholders come together to discuss the affairs of the nation.

The Prime Minister says the place where the police, teachers and all public sector workers must be at this time, is on the job and at the bargaining table.

But she came under heavy criticism from social media users who cited statements made by her to former Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

While some supported her statement, others took offense at previous statements made by her in 2009 calling for Mr. Golding to reduce his Cabinet size and stop ‘provoking’ workers.