Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell, is lashing out against the increase in electricity costs Jamaica Public Service, JPS, customers are grappling with.

Just days ago, the JPS announced that customers will see an average increase of nearly 8-per cent or about 5-hundred dollars on their electricity bills this month.

That announcement followed scores of complaints from customers about increases in their previous month’s bills. Mr. Paulwell says the increase is unreasonable.

The Opposition Spokesman is calling for the immediate removal of the General Consumption Tax on electricity and the Special Consumption Tax, SCT, on fuel.

JPS made a similar call earlier this year.

In response, the government said it could not be done at this time.

And, Energy Minister, Fayval Williams, said she was shocked by the JPS’ decision to go public because the government had already communicated to the light and power company that the requests were not feasible at this time.

But, Mr Paulwell says the removal of the GCT and SCT would ensure a reduction of fuel prices at the pump and the lowering of light bills.

He notes that while increased electricity prices may also be a reflection of the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, the portion of the SCT which was intended to finance the Hedge Fund continues to be a significant contributor to high energy prices.

Phillip Paulwell, Opposition Spokesman on Energy, speaking in a pre-recorded clip released to the media recently.