The PNP Presidential challenge continues to heat up on social media.

Since Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting announced his intention to challenge party president, Dr Peter Phillips, several PNP supporters have taken to social media to declare their candidate of choice.

PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford, today took to social media in support of Dr Phillips and urged the party’s delegates to follow suit.

In a post on Facebook, Mr Crawford wrote, “dear delegates I’m sticking with Phillips and asking you to do the same”.

His post was however met with mixed reactions.

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In response to the PNP Vice President’s appeal to delegates to support the party’s current president in the upcoming challenge to his leadership, one person wrote “renewal nah keep again”.

Another post read, “I fear you really didn’t use your brightness to analyze the results of the VP elections. You are allowing your ego to lead you along a delusionary path…Wake UP!”

Meanwhile, there were some who expressed agreement and support.

Among them is a Facebook user who said that Dr Phillips was going to win the leadership contest.

Another supporter wrote full support for comrade Dr Peter David Phillips.

Another Facebook user seemingly had mixed emotions and wrote, “Damion, I love you but me nah feel Peter energy”.
She continued, “but we know say you know best and you nah tell we foolishness, you are a great leader”.

But, others were not convinced, saying the party president was the reason Mr Crawford lost in the East Portland by election earlier this year.

Some suggested the voters will decide who they want for themselves.
Others questioned the VP on Dr Phillips’ merit and why they should vote for him this time around.

In between those responses, one Facebook user quipped that either way neither of the Peters could successfully challenge Andrew Holness in a General Elections and win.

Calls to Mr Crawford today for a comment in relation to the posts and his alleged appointment as head of a PNP victory squad for General Elections were unanswered.