General Secretary of the People’s National Party, Julian Robinson, says the party is not trying to ‘stifle’ the speech of its members who disapprove of or are critical of developments in the party.

He’s reacting to criticisms of the PNP following the party’s National Executive Council meeting on the weekend.

A draft resolution was circulated at the NEC’s meeting proposing to punish party members who speak out about what’s described as ‘internal party matters’ in the public domain without receiving permission from the General Secretary.

Mr. Robinson says the resolution was not crafted by the leadership of the party.

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He says there was ‘extensive discussion’ on the resolution.

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He says the party is not trying to muzzle its members.

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Robinson says it’s ‘unfortunate’ how the draft resolution was placed in the public domain, claiming it was ‘leaked’.

He says the impression was given that it came from the leadership of the party. Mr. Robinson says ‘no context’ was provided in the leaking of the draft resolution.