Transport Minister, Mike Henry, is to meet with the Transport Authority and transport associations about security concerns of bus operators who’re apparently under siege by so-called loadermen.

The bus operators pleaded yesterday to Minister Henry to help them by providing more security to stave off loadermen who’re exploiting them.

They also fear they could be killed if they don’t comply with the demands of the loadermen.

Minister Henry told Nationwide News today that he’s awaiting a report from the Transport Authority on the matter before he addresses it publicly.

He says he’s to meet with all the stakeholders to discuss those and other issues affecting bus operators.

The matter came to light after the Transport Authority last week instructed some bus operators to terminate their services at the Downtown Municipal Transport Centre in Water Lane, instead of at Darling Street. But the bus operators say the loadermen warned them not to comply.

This, as the new terminus is manned by security guards and affect their ‘hustle’.

Afraid, the bus operators heeded the warning, but withdrew their services yesterday in protest and appealed for help.

In the meantime, the Transport Authority is seeking to clarify aspects of its instructions to bus operators to use the terminus in Water Lane.

Communication Coordinator at the Transport Authority, Merdina Callum, says it’s not mandatory.

She says the instruction is only for bus operators traveling from Manchester, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth who usually terminate in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

She says the new policy will allow these operators to extend their routes to Downtown Kingston, if they use the terminus in Water Lane.