People’s National Party, PNP, General Secretary Julian Robinson says he has been receiving complaints about the slow voting process in some areas.

The PNP General Secretary is manning the election day proceedings from quarantine at home, having returned a positive test for COVID-19 about a week ago. 

More in this report from Rashona Fitz-Henley.


The PNP General Secretary says persons from a number of constituencies are complaining that the voting process is moving much slower than usual.

This, particularly in constituencies where the electronic identification system is being used. 

And, the PNP General Secretary says the party is pleased with the voter turnout so far.

Meanwhile, regarding his COVID-19 positive status, Mr. Robinson says he is awaiting another test for clearance.

He says he feels fine and is asymptomatic.

And, Mr. Robinson says his COVID-19 status has not stopped him from performing his General Secretary duties from home.

According to Mr. Robinson, based on reports he has received so far, the day has been incident free.

Meanwhile, the PNP General Secretary says he fully expects to once again emerge victorious in the constituency of St. Andrew South Eastern where he is up against the JLP’s Kari Douglas.

The PNP General Secretary says he’s confident of the party’s chances of emerging victorious when the polls close later today.

He says the party is expected to hold the seats it won in the last General Elections and will be going after others.