The People’s National Party, PNP, is expressing regret at what has been viewed as ‘homophobic utterances’ made by some of its members at a party conference on Sunday.

The release says the PNP “wishes to affirm its commitment to non- discrimination based on class, colour, creed or sexual orientation.”

On Sunday, the comrades attended a PNP meeting where Dr. Winston De La Hay was presented as the party’s standard-bearer for East Central St. Catherine.

During the presentations, they launched several attacks at the current Member of Parliament, the JLP’s Alando Terrelonge.

The first to launch the attack was North West St. Ann MP, Dr. Dayton Campbell.

Member of Parliament for North West St. Ann, Dr. Dayton Campbell
PNP Deputy Chairman, Horace Dalley, also took a jab at Terrelonge.

Mr. Dalley told comrades to work with Dr. De La Hay because members of the PNP are quote “straight and not bend up bend up.”

PNP Deputy Chairman, Horace Dalley

South St. Andrew MP, Mark Golding, also fired a salvo at the sitting East Central St. Catherine MP.

MP for South St. Andrew, Mark Golding.

The opposition members were speaking at a PNP meeting in the East CentralĀ  St. Catherine Constituency on Sunday.