A long standing PNP NEC member, Steve Ashley, issued a call on Saturday for comrades to rise up against the leadership of the party.

In a letter to comrades, Mr. Ashley dismissed the top brass of the Simpson Miller-led party as impotent.

He also called for the resignation of three of the party’s four Vice Presidents.

Mr. Ashley said Angela Brown Burke, Noel Arscott and Fenton Ferguson must go.

Nationwide News has obtained a copy of the letter.

Steve Ashley is a veteran comrade, who served as a former Chairman of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, NSWMA Chairman.

He told comrades in the letter, that there was a time in the PNP when their slogans were “we know where we are going,” and “we put people first”.

But Mr. Ashley bemoaned that today’s PNP slogan could read ‘we are lost in the wilderness’ and ‘we put ourselves first’

Ashley told comrades that the PNP now rewards mediocrity and removes, demonizes and marginalizes bright progressive young people.

He then delivered his put down of the leadership of the party.

Ashley branded Vice Presidents Arscott, Brown Burke and Ferguson as failures.

He wrote – “we have three Vice Presidents in office for over eight years who have made little or no impact on the Party’s development yet because of a flawed delegate system they are still in office”.

Ashley says Brown Burke, Arscott and Ferguson’s hold on power, just for power sake will not allow them to take the moral high ground and step aside.

He says their negative impact on the party was again displayed at the recently concluded Parish Council Election where they could not even win the council in the parish they represent.

Mr. Ashley continued his salvo against the leadership.

He declared that the removal of Damion Crawford and Raymond Price and the orchestrated demonizing of Lisa Hanna, has created a vacuum in youth intellectual discourse, which is now being capitalized on by JLP.

He says the replacement of former General Secretary Paul Burke with Julian Robinson is a good first step, but that by itself will do little to repair the impotent leadership that now exist in the PNP.

Mr. Ashley says , what is required is the orderly removal of all the officers of the Party who have shown their inability to connect with disgruntled comrades and the wider public because elections cannot be won by die hard comrades alone .

The PNP veteran says the party in its present state is in no position to tackle the onerous task of presiding over a credible government of and for the people.

He says well thinking members of the parry must act.

Mr. Ashley says the PNP has lost the confidence of the Jamaican people due to its lack of focus on the issues that are important to people’s lives, and its departure from the core values which old timers like himself hold so dear.

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