The Peoples’ National Party, PNP, says it’s conducting an inquiry into a reported brawl at the Bustamante Hospital for Children involving its Councillor Kari Douglas.

The brawl was reportedly between Councillor Douglas and a member of the medical team.

The PNP Councillor had taken her eight-month-old son to the hospital with a fever, but was told, after triage, that his case was not deemed an emergency.

PNP chairman Fitz Jackson says reports of the two-hour shutdown of the hospital on account of a stand-off between Councillor Douglas and a member of the medical team are of great concern.

Initial reports on the incident said the Accident and Emergency department was shut down for two hours, but the hospital has since dismissed that claim.

The Party says it understands the distress of Ms. Douglas facing the illness of her child in an environment of the dengue crisis.

However, the Party says it cannot condone any reported verbal abuse or alleged attack on hospital staff.

Mr. Jackson says all parents have a duty to ensure the best available care for their children, but no one has the right to abuse any one.

He says medical personnel across the island are under undue stress and have to work for long hours in less than ideal conditions and must be treated with respect at all times.

Mr Jackson says the dengue crisis, shortage of bed space, the unavailability of medicine and medical supplies, the shortage of nurses, doctors and other medical and ancillary staff are real factors that add to the tensions in the sector.

He says these must be addressed urgently as part of making public hospitals efficient and user friendly.