PNP President, Dr. Phillips says the PNP will undertake an internal investigation of allegations made by both camps during the leadership race.

The  Opposition Leader says the party’s internal structures will deal with any allegation which is proven credible.

Dr. Phillips’ One PNP Campaign spokesperson, Lisa Hanna, publicly decried what she said was credible information coming to her of vote buying perpetrated in her South East St. Ann constituency by a leader of Bunting’s Rise United Campaign.

Likewise, Rise United accused Phillips’ team of using old washed up dons to coerce delegates to vote against Mr. Bunting.

The Opposition Leader says the party will move immediately to address the allegations.

Dr. Phillips says while not opposed to an investigation by Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown, he notes her public comment of no intention to do so.

The PNP President says the party is focusing on moving forward at this time.

Dr. Peter Phillips, President of the Peoples’ National Party.

He was speaking this afternoon at  the Party’s St. Andrew Headquarters.