The Opposition PNP, is calling for the percentage scores of the Primary Exit Profile, PEP exam to be released and not just a scaled score.

Just last week, the Education Ministry told a media briefing that students who sit the PEP exams will not receive a percentage grade after the exam.

However, Reverend Thwaites, says that information remains critical to both students and the education system.

Neika Lewis tells us more.

The Education Ministry announced last week that it will be giving students and parents scaled scores that will be the basis of placement in secondary institutions.

However, Reverend Thwaites says a more detailed breakdown must be provided.

PEP is the country’s primary means of matriculation to secondary education. It replaced the Grade Six Achievement Test, GSAT, this year.

Reverend Thwaites says the percentage score will provide useful information as to the overall performance of the students who sat the PEP exams.

The former Education Minister says there are theories floating around which suggest that the percentage scores aren’t being released because the PEP grades are poor.

Meanwhile, he’s also calling for greater resources to be given to schools that will receive what he calls weaker students.