PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, says reports that last night’s meeting of the party Executive Committee was characterized by tension are false.

But some PNP officials who attended the meeting of the Executive say Mr. Robinson’s comments are not true.

The PNP officials who spoke to our news center say the statement from the PNP General Secretary is an attempt to limit the fallout facing the party following what they describe as the contentious and disgraceful executive meeting.

Our sources say a senior member of the PNP executive who is a supporter of Dr. Phillips told the meeting that Phillips is prepared to resign as party president to force the holding of a special delegates conference on July 27.

It’s understood that that revelation surprised some members of Dr. Phillips’ camp.

Our sources say a militant Bunting also rejected the proposal.

Mr. Bunting told the PNP Executive that it’s at the party’s annual conference in September that he’ll agree to be nominated for the party presidency.

Dr. Phillips reportedly recused himself from the executive meeting.

Sources say Mr. Bunting rejected a suggestion by a senior PNP official that he also should leave the meeting.

There was also more tension in the meeting when an Opposition Senator proposed that Dr. Phillips be placed on probation in exchange for Mr. Bunting deciding not to challenge.

However, Mr. Bunting rejected that suggestion.