Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, says it almost appears Jamaica is back to square one as it relates to crime, after the People’s National Party, PNP, blocked a resolution to extend States of Public Emergency across the island.

He says it reminds him of the situation which obtained following the imposition of an SOE in 2010.

Mr. Golding says following that measure the security forces were able to significantly disrupt gang activity.

At the time only a simple majority was required to extend the measure.

However, Mr. Golding says due to the charter of rights already before the House which placed within the constitution a requirement for a two-thirds majority to extend a State of Public Emergency, he felt it would have been inappropriate to do so without the support of the opposition.

But Mr. Golding does not support calls for this provision to be removed.

Senate President, Tom Tavares Finson, last Friday called for the law to be revisited after the PNP Senators voted against the extension of the SOES.

He accused unelected Senators of the opposition of putting the country’s national security in grave danger.

Mr. Golding says the opposition must be held accountable for its use of the veto and they should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions whether good or ill.

Bruce Golding, former Prime Minister and former Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party.