Head of the Police Federation, Sergeant Patrae Rowe says the federation might pursue legal action against the government if it fails to act urgently in providing a safer working space for employees at the Criminal Records Office, CRO.

Sergeant Rowe says there’re fresh concerns about the air quality at the new Criminal Records Office at Kingston Mall on Orange Street in downtown Kingston.

The CRO’s operations were transferred to the mall following similar air quality concerns at its Duke Street location.

The Police Federation Head says a number of their members have fainted this week.

Sergeant Rowe who was on a site visit this morning at the office says he also had a difficulty breathing.

He says the staff members who’ve shown much resilience should be relocated.

Sergeant Patrae Rowe, Head of the Police Federation speaking this morning with Nationwide News.

He says the government’s response has not been sufficient.

Sergeant Patrae Rowe, Head of the Jamaica Police Federation.