The Police High Command says several senior officers in the Constabulary Force have been reassigned.

In a statement this afternoon, the High Command says Assistant Commissioners, Calvin Allen, and Gary Welsh, are to trade places.

This means ACP Welsh will be the new head of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, PSTEB.

ACP Allen will now take up command of the Operations Branch.

There’re also to be two new faces in the Area Three Police Division, in Clarendon and St Elizabeth.

Senior Superintendent, Glenford Miller, who is presently at the helm of the St Andrew North Division, will take the reigns from SSP Vendolyn Cameron-Powell as head of the Clarendon Division.

SSP Cameron Powell will take up her new posting at the Services Branch.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Samuel Morgan, will leave the Services Branch and take over from Superintendent Catherine Lord as commanding officer for the St. Elizabeth police.

Superintendent Lord’s new assignment will see her serving at the Inspectorate of the Constabulary, IOC.

And, Superintendent Leonardo Brown moves from the Services Branch to the newly formed Technology Branch, while the St. Andrew North Division will have a new divisional head in Superintendent Leighton Gray.