The police are theorising that at least one of the men involved in the failed robbery attempt of a Beryllium security truck in St Thomas yesterday was wounded during the incident.

A manhunt is now underway for the suspects.

It’s the second incident in a series targeting Beryllium where the would be robbers ended up fruitless.

William Mitchell reports:

According to reports, a Beryllium team was restocking an ATM at the Albion gas station in St Thomas at 10:40 am when armed men opened fire in their direction.

The Beryllium team resisted the attack from the high-powered weapons, forcing the would be robbers to beat a hasty retreat.

One of the Beryllium guards picked up non-life threatening injuries.

The police, acting on information, intercepted two vehicles around an hours drive away in Morant Bay in the parish.

The police say one of the vehicles was identified as being involved in the incident in Albion.

As the police attempted to approach the vehicles, they say they were greeted by gunfire.

The police say they returned fire and a brief chase ensued. One of the vehicles crashed and the other was abandoned by the occupants.

Reports are the men ran into a nearby wooded area.

While processing the scene, the police seized a third vehicle they believe to be connected to the incident.

The police are theorising that at least one of the occupants in the vehicle identified from the Albion robbery has been injured.

The police told our news centre that blood and spent shells were found in that vehicle.

It’s unclear in which shooting incident the injury may have been picked up.

This is the second recent incident where Beryllium security guards successfully fought off attempted robbers.

Last month, Beryllium security personnel also repelled a robbery attempt in Balaclava, St. Elizabeth.

In March robbers did make off with $23 million from a incident in Portmore, St Catherine.

And in February armed criminals attacked Beryllium personnel as they were restocking an ATM at the Portmore Pines Plaza, also in St Catherine.

A Beryllium officer was killed in that incident and two others injured. In addition, $10 million was stolen.

Six people, including a Beryllium employee, have since been taken into custody in connection to that robbery.

William Mitchell for Nationwide News.